Crescent Moon and The Starfish

A few weeks ago there was a crescent moon in the sky on my drive to work, and I wished I was somewhere else instead of in my car.

In my head I ended up on a beach, with my wife, with me looking at the moon. I had to have my wife doing something. I decided she was watching a starfish. And we were holding hands. 🙂 I’m looking forward to the day when this is a real morning, and not one seeing a crescent moon from my car!

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Did You Quit Already?

I guess this end of the year, beginning of the year time has got me feeling inspired.

With my end of December songs about making decisions, a chance to be a new you, and this January one trying to help you along with that New Year’s Resolution that you already gave up on, I’m kind of feeling like Mr. Inspiration!

If you did quit your resolutions already, don’t fret. Consider it a stumble and get going again because, for example, if you wanted to lose weight, won’t it be nice in a few months when you don’t eat so much lunch? 😊

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Nice Hair!

Windy day = nice hair!

Yes, some days I think I have lost my mind when I try to come up with a song. This is one of those days. I have weird facial expressions, my lips are all over the place, and I am generally frazzled. Oh well, it went along with the windy day!

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Santa Couldn’t Take It Anymore

Merry Christmas!

Santa would need sunglasses to deliver in the day.

As I was wearing my festive, Christmas tie with Santa wearing sunglasses, it occurred to me how much different things would be if Santa just showed up in the day.

No more parents having to stay up all night, no more worrying about Santa getting stuck in the chimney, no more kids waking up at 4AM to see if Santa came. Things could be so much calmer, and Santa would also get to wear sunglasses, like on my tie.

Oh well, I guess that would take some of the allure out of Christmas morning if Santa showed up in the afternoon, but, wouldn’t it be easier for everyone involved?

I guess I’ll run this by Santa the next time I see him.

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I Don’t Want “Throwback Thursday,” Give Me “Thrippy Thursday!”

Thrippy Thursday Instead of Throwback ThursdayI was pondering the adjectives and nicknames we give to certain days. You’ve got your “hump day” for Wednesday, and “Two-fer” Tuesdays, but I couldn’t come up with anything for Thursday.

Sure, there’s the whole “Throwback Thursday” things, but then “Thrippy” blew out of my mouth.

I’m not sure what “Thrippy” is, but what the heck, from now on it’s Thrippy Thursday! Whoa!

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I Miss Kauai Sunsets

For your Friday, here are some Kauai sunsets. Just in case you need them.

I know I do. Why?

A sunset in Kauai
Since the sunset on the north side of Kauai was kind of crappy, the next day we headed to Poipu Beach Park. The sunset was exactly what we hoped to see.

Well, I have to say that I can’t wait for this November to end. It has been cold and gave us that “Here comes winter!” blast of snow.

It has made me tired, cranky, and dreaming of the sunsets we saw in Kauai last year, where even when they seemed sucky, and we were hanging out with chickens waiting for our rental car, they really didn’t suck.

I also can’t remember words that rhyme with “south.”

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Do You Have Your Hat, Gloves, and Winter Coat?

It was a cold November here near Chicago. At the time I sang this song I believe I was losing my mind, and that is not a good sign for me if the winter is going to continue this way.

I’m not really ready for winter, but what choice do I have?

I'm missing my hat.
I’m not ready for winter. I’m missing my hat.

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Cooking Turkey in a Kamado Joe Grill

We were the hosting family for Thanksgiving this year, and it was discussed early on that I might try to cook a turkey on our Kamado Joe grill.

I didn’t really want to risk figuring out if the cook would go well on Turkey Day, so a few weeks before Thanksgiving I did a “test run” of cooking a turkey on the grill.

I’ve got to say that the turkey grilling came out fantastic, even in the freezing weather. I used a combination of methods to get the bird to come out great.

First off, I probably watched John Setzler’s video about cooking a turkey in the Kamado Joe about a million times, or at least a couple dozen. I loved his “smoking pouch.” Find his video here:

Big belly for the brine!

Then I needed a brine, and my wife decided this one, using Old Bay and Chinese Five Spice sounded good. P.S. It was a good choice.


Then I needed to find the recipe that John referenced in his video, from Paul Sidoriak and the book, “Exclusively Kamado.”

Granted I just sing a lot and don’t show all the prep work, but if you have a kamado kind of grill, like the Kamado Joe or Big Green Egg, these are some great recipes for a holiday turkey. The brine was fine, I’ve never had this good of a smoked turkey, and for the love of all things big and small, if you like smokey, make gravy out of the broth and stuff under the turkey.

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I Just Wanna Get Home

Usually, the train stops me on the way to work, which is just an excuse for being late to work. It’s a bummer, though, when the train stops me from getting home. Ugh!

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So Close to the Weekend

The weekend is so close we can taste it!

Maybe it tastes like pizza and beer, or soda and candy if you are younger. So, celebrate Thursday, it’s almost the weekend. And fine, this is more of an spoken word kind of thing rather than a song, but…

Yay, the weekend is almost here!





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